Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

At Yinbang, we own and operate many state-of-the-art laboratories, where we can carry out the metallographic sample preparation, hardness testing, brazing test, mechanical property testing, salt spray test, Erichsen cupping test, lubricant analysis, optoelectronic testing, scanning electron microscopy analysis, and a huge variety of other tests.

Every one of the labs is provided with a full range of world-leading test equipment and instruments to ensure that products are of the highest quality. We are particularly proud of a top-notch field emission scanning electronic microscope which is exported from the German brand, ZEISS. With the use of all these machines, we are confident in our ability to meet even the most demanding requirements for product differentiation, personalization and specialization.

In addition, we have built an independent research and development center, where a team of over two dozen R&D professionals is focused on the research and development of new alloys and new technology. We know that the only thing that will keep us ahead of the game is constant innovation, so you receive the most advanced products from Yinbang! We have maintained long-term cooperative relationships with the Central South University, the University of Science and Technology Beijing, and many others. More importantly, we have hired two academic experts from the Chinese Academy of Engineering, as well as two chief scientists of the national “973 Project”, which provides a powerful basis for the continuous innovation and sustainable development of our company.

Metallographic sample preparation

When it comes to producing and processing our samples, we utilize the automatic mounting press and automatic grinding equipment.

Hardness testing

Vickers hardness tester

Our technician is using a microscope to observe the smooth level of particles on the surface of the sample.

Brazing test

This operator is preparing for the brazing test.

Mechanical property testing

Our operator is conducting a test while simultaneously recording the test parameter.

Salt spray test

Salt spray is a widely used accelerated test. It was developed for testing metallic coatings in marine environments. As seen in this picture, our staff is operating a salt spray test chamber.

Salt spray testing is done on these samples.

Erichsen cupping test

Our operator is using this instrument that performs an Erichsen cupping test.

Lubricant analysis

All characteristics of our samples can be tested here, which ensures we only manufacture superior-quality products.

Optoelectronic testing

This operator is running a photoelectric direct reading spectrometer while simultaneously testing the parameters of our samples.

Scanning electron microscopy analysis

We are particularly proud of a top-notch field emission scanning electronic microscope which is exported from the German brand, ZEISS.

R&D department

The R&D team is committed to the research and development of new alloys and innovative technologies. This team has participated in the formulation of national standards for aluminum alloy.