At Yinbang, we specialize in the production of aluminum brazing clad, unclad sheets, and strips and foils for heat exchangers, which can be applied to uses in the automotive industry, mechanical machinery, home appliance, and power cooling systems. We also produce special aluminum raw materials such as battery materials and heavy gauge sheets for new energy cars and rail transit projects.

Additionally we also develop and produce the multi-metal material. For example, we produce aluminum clad carbon steel used in power station for cooling systems. It is worth mentioning that we are the first in our country to develop the aluminum clad steel strips, which has enabled our country to no longer have to rely on imports of these tubes, aluminum clad stainless sheets/coils used in pumps of heavy-duty cars, and aluminum clad steel or copper disc-shape pieces used in cookware. We also produce a wide range of top-grade kitchenware, thus resulting in our diverse business development.

Aluminum tape and aluminum foil

Our company can produce aluminum tapes and aluminum foils in a vast variety of models and sizes.

Aluminum plate

Aluminum plates are also among our mass-produced products.